Single parent again

So here we go again! my husband and I have worked as expats for many years living in some of the worlds most amazing cities but you can’t beat home. Which is what I discovered on returning home to Brisbane 2 1/2 years ago on a 3 week vacation. the thought of returning to London in the depths of winter for another 6 dark months became too overwhelming. Leaving behind the bright blue skies and easy life style that we enjoy here in sunny Queensland was just too much. So I stayed…. With my girls, leaving my husband bereft and a decision to make. Bless him, he followed….

Now here we are just shy of two years and although he has tried, unfortunately the Industry in which he works pays 30yrs of experience with ‘you have to start at the bottom’ The ‘Old Boys Network’ is alive and well, fearful of experience and international expertise.

The lure of achievement and recognition is hard to ignore for the best of men, men who take pride in providing for their family and of being the major bread winner (of which he currently is not).

In one weeks time he will return to his previous employer In London, back in the lap of familiarity and easy success.

Me?? I’ll carry on as I always do, taking the girls to school, running the house, and being the sole parent – waiting with anticipation for his twice yearly return.

Add to which my gorgeous step daughter who came over for a working holiday and who fell in love with our wonderful country and the opportunity of living with her Dad and her half sisters, and who is now working towards sponsorship for residency. She too feels a huge loss of what could have been – living with and reconnecting with her father.

I feel sad at his loss, missing the graduation of Miss 16, seeing Miss 12 start high school, the excitement of seeing our eldest start university and all because here in Brisbane expertise and experience is not valued – especially if you are a foreigner. Why in this day and age have we not grown to accept and welcome those with so much to give and possibly to learn from.

My husband is not the only one in this situation. I have met many who have come with vast experience only to face the same situation. Whereas in Europe, individuals such as these are sought out and head hunted.

I love this city, I love living in what I think is the best country in the world, but I am also highly aware that we still have a long way to go…

And so, very soon I will again suffer the pain and joys of single parenting.

On the plus side – my larder will no longer rival the local supermarket!


It’s a job just looking after me!

Miss 16 who is hoping to do Law next year announces after a trip to the dentist today…
God Mum, thinking about everything I have to do to look after myself, it’s just too much! I mean I have to clean my teeth twice a day, floss, wax, shave, loofah my skin, cleanse, moisturise, wax my top lip, then make sure I wash my hair properly, put on a hair mask, do my make up, have my eyebrows threaded, make sure I eat well, Oh and then exercise – I mean it’s almost a full time job!!!

Breakfast Cereal

On a daily basis I am constantly amazed at the plethora of breakfast cereals that my kitchen larder contains?

My dear husband who works nights, fills his days with trips to the supermarket and god help us if anyone in our household mentions a like, dislike or the fact that something has run out!

Today  we have in store Рmore than I think the local B and B would supply their guests

We have

Cornflakes, Raw Muesli, Coco Pops, Toasted Muesli, Oat Flakes, Porridge – rolled oats style, Porridge – instant style, Cereal with mixed grains, Weetabix, Milo Flakes and today our new addition is Crunchola!

OMG We are a family of 4!

I ask the question….. Is it only me?